The String Theory

home as a category
pro: easy transparent management
con: no order management, or manage order via post date or something which is kinda weird, need hack to hide certain videos (pharma corp stuff) [might need this last one anyway?]

home as tag
same pro/con as categories

home template with categories or tags
same pro/con as categories
con: matching styling between home and interior category/tag pages

home template with full list control from admin home page
pro: full order and inclusion control
con: management is extra step after post, not automatic inclusion, style matching with interior pages

types of items
video in thumbcloud categorized by client, tagged by type
” but hidden from homepage
” but hidden from featured page
” but in specific order on homepage
” but in specific order on featured page

All videos exist
All videos get categorized by client
All videos get tagged
Some videos go on homepage
Less videos go on featured page
Some videos get special order on homepage
Some videos get special order on featured page

if we:
tag or categorize as by home, featured, and all the others:
we get inclusion where needed
we get same templates for all thumbcloud pages, except switching between tag/cat for code (why not just use the native tag list page for tags?)
do not get order control unless we manipulate by dates or some other prioritizing means.
(assume that order will be same from home to featured page)
use template with cat/tag listing code
make ACF for choosing which tag/cat to use
tag pages